Established in September 1993, AIM Honesty Biopharmaceutical Co.Ltd. (AIM Honesty) is one of the earliest Chinese high-tech enterprises specializing in vaccine production, R&D and sales. With a registered capital of RMB 250 million, AIM Honesty is among the first batch of enterprise technology centers of Liaoning Province and an enterprise with national postdoctoral workstation established. Located at the beautiful coastal city Dalian—35 Wanda Road, Dalian Economy and Technology Development Area, the Company’s employees with background in medicine or related fields account for more than half of its staff.

Its main products include: recombinant hepatitis B vaccine (hansenula polymorpha), etc. Hepatitis B vaccine is a national key technology research and development program of the 863 Program undertaken by AIM Honesty, with its production workshop covering over 11,000 square meters and maximum production capacity reaching 45 million doses per year. For its Hepatitis B vaccine, AIM Honesty has adopted an internationally advanced recombinant hansenula polymorpha expression technology platform, which is the first in China. Characterized by high output and high antigen presentation purity, AIM Honesty’s hepatitis B vaccine enjoys high popularity and exerts high influence in the market for its reliability, safety and suitability for a wider range of population.

At present, AIM Honesty is strengthening its production-education-research cooperation with world-renowned and domestic famous institutes, to further its development and grow bigger and stronger based on the technological superiority of its existing products. AIM Honesty is dedicated to genetic engineering vaccine platform technology

We believe, in the foreseeable future, our new vaccine products will be gradually put into the market. the production of vaccine products concerns public health and the people’s well-being. As a biological vaccine enterprise, AIM Honesty shoulders China’s public health undertaking and the social mission of healthy China. Whether in the past, at present or in the future, AIM Honesty has always been striving to become the mainstay of Chinese biological vaccine enterprises. Based on further development of existing products, we will continue to enhance the R&D of new products, continue to expand the width and depth of our product line, and at the same time work at the international forefront of biotechnology and apply modern biotechnology to produce more and better products, and make more active contribution to a win-win situation for the company and its customers, China’s cause of disease prevention and control, as well as a better life for the mankind.


Mission: safeguarding health and protecting life

Vision: becoming a high-quality vaccine provider and leader of the vaccine industry

Core values: innovation, honor, responsibility, dream, action, perseverance


  • Business license

  • 药品生产许可证

    Grug production permit

  • GMP certificate for recombinant hepatitis B vaccine (hansenula polymorpha)


  • Contract-observing trustworthy enterprise

  • Outstanding contribution award

  • Top 10 scientific and technological innovation enterprises

  • Advanced unit