Full-chain Vaccine Corporation

AIM Vaccine is a top full-chain vaccine corporation in China with businesses covering the whole industrial chain ranging from R&D, manufacturing and commercialization. In 2020, the company realized lot release of 60 million dosages with vaccine products distributed to 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government in China. AIM Vaccine is in possession of 5 authenticated platform technologies on human vaccine. This serves as an important guarantee for R&D speed and flexibility. Presently, the company has 8 commercialized vaccines targeted at 6 diseases and 22 innovative vaccines under development as targeted at 13 diseases. Products under production and development cover top 10 vaccine products worldwide (global sales statistics for the year of 2020).

Through years of development, the company has established its business mode and corporate culture as characterized by inclusiveness and sustainable exploration. As a result of it, its existing businesses have been further expanded and optimized. Presently, the company has 4 authenticated wholly owned vaccine manufacturing enterprises affiliated to it, namely AIM Honesty, AIM Kanghuai, AIM Weixin and Rong’an Bio. The company holds controlling shares of 3 research institutes, including a R&D center, AIM Explorer as established in 2018 for provision of technical supports for initial and advanced researches by R&D departments of various plants. In 2021, AIM completed merger and acquisition of Liverna Therapeutics Inc. It is one of 3 enterprises acquired clinical trial approval of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine in China, which has established its own mRNA production and drug express delivery platform.

AIM Vaccine Corporation has always been adhering to the mission of “developing and manufacturing top quality vaccines to safeguard the health of the world” through strict control of vaccine quality. It prides itself on a professional and devoted sales team consisting of more than 100 members with over a decade of pharmaceutical or vaccine sales experience, and a core business leadership team with an average of 12 years of vaccine commercialization experience at transnational pharmaceuticals as well as outstanding achievements in marketing international blockbuster vaccines (including the world’s first HPV, IPV and DTaP-IPV-Hib vaccines). Currently, products available for sale mainly include recombinant hepatitis B vaccine (hansenula polymorpha), rabies vaccine (Vero Cell) for human use,freeze-dried, hepatitis A vaccine (human diploid cell), inactivated, mumps vaccine, live, haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome bivalent vaccine (Vero cell) and ACYW135 meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine (MPSV4).


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Vision & Culture

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    To become a leader ofglobal vaccine industry

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    Innovation Honor Responsibility Dream Action Persistence


  • We acquired 50.1546% equities of Liverna to further accelerate research of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine and production layout.

  • We completed restructuring, and changed to corporate name to AIM Vaccine Co., Ltd.

    In the same year, we acquired 49% equities of AIM Explorer and 20% equities of Rong’an Biology. Thus, AIM Explorer and Rong’an Biology became two wholly owned subsidiaries of AIM Vaccine.

  • We obtained approval of new drug application for MPSV4 in October, 2018.

    We obtained GMP certificate as required by production of MPSV4 in December, 2018.

  • During the period from September, 2017 to January, 2019, we acquired all equities of AIM Weixin. As a result of it, AIM Weixin became a wholly owned subsidiary of AIM Vaccine.

    AIM Weixin obtained approval of new drug application for vaccine targeted at hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in September, 2007 and GMP certificate as required by production in February, 2008. Previously, it also obtained approval of new drug application for mumps vaccine in October, 2004 and GMP certificate as required by production of the same vaccine in January, 2005.

  • We acquired all equities of AIM Kanghuai during the period from November, 2016 to December, 2017. As a result of it, AIM Kanghuai became a wholly owned subsidiary of AIM Vaccine.

    AIM Kanghuai obtained approval of new drug application for HBV vaccine inactivated (human diploid cell) in April, 2015. Later, it obtained approval from National Medical Products Administration for production of other types of HBV vaccines inactivated (human diploid cell) in January, 2016.

  • We acquired entire equity interests of AIM Honesty

    AIM Honesty respectively obtained NDA for 10ug/0.5ml and 20ug/0.5ml recombinant HBV vaccine (Hansenula Polymorpha) from National Medical Products Administration in March, 2004 and August, 2013, and obtained GMP production certificate in June, 2004.

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