• AIM Meningococcus Polysaccharide Vaccine Obtained Approval for Clinical Trial

    Source:ET Net

    AIM Vacin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIM Vaccine, obtained the approval from the National Medical Products Administration yesterday (December 1) for carrying out clinical trials of ACYW135 Meningococcus Conjugate Vaccine (MCV4).

  • Another Significant Progress in Delta-specific COVID Vaccine Development—Rong’an Bio Begun Rolling Submission to CDE

    Source:Zhitong Caijing

    According to public information, the inactivated Delta-specific COVID vaccine under R&D by Rong’an Bio, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIM Vaccine (which is forging ahead with its plan for listing on the HKEX), has now entered the stage of non-clinical animal evaluation, including animal safety evaluation, immunogenicity evaluation and protective evaluation, and Rong’an Bio has begun rolling submission of application documents to the Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE), NMPA.

  • Why are domestic vaccines so good?—The Story Behind Told by the World’s Largest Hepatitis B Vaccine Manufacturer


    Domestic vaccine is a pillar of the nation.Establishing a pillar of the nation with craftsmanship spirit and establishing a new image of domestic vaccine have become the consensus of increasingly more vaccine manufacturers.

  • Domestic Leading Vaccine Manufacturers Competiting to Upgrade R&D under COVID-19

    Source:Healthcare Executive

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, vaccination has been generally accepted as the most economical and most effective measure for prevention. For domestic vaccine R&D and manufacturing enterprises, this means an all-round competition of R&D and industrialization capabilities—who masters the hardcore technology, scales up R&D achievements quickly and smoothly, wins the race against time to stop the spreading of virus, and becomes the leader of vaccine.

  • A Strong Competitor to Join the 13-valent Pneumococcal Vaccine Competition: AIM Vaccine Product Entering Phase III Clinical Trials, with Commercialization Supported by Whole Industry Chain and Big Platform

    Source:Cailian Press

    Another domestic 13-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide conjugate vaccine (hereinafter “PCV13”) has entered Phase III clinical trials. It is learned that this vaccine is a major vaccine product across the globe, which is only supplied by Pfizer, Walvax and BIOKANGTAI and in great demand. With this new product entering the final stage of clinical research, more stories are going to be written in the market.
    On the 14th of this month, the Ethics Committee for Vaccine Clinical Trials of the Yunnan Provincial Center for Disease Prevention and Control issued an ethical approval for Phase III clinical trials of this vaccine, marking the beginning of its Phase III clinical trials. According to public data, this vaccine is independently researched and developed by AIM Vaccine Co., Ltd.

  • [Good Companies of China] IPO of AIM Vaccine: Securing Technology Advantage with High R&D Input

    Source:Sina Finance

    On September 12, AIM Vaccine, China’s No.1 private-owned vaccine industrial group, submitted its prospectus to the main board of HKSE, planning to use raised fund for enriching vaccine R&D pipelines, constructing production facilities, sales and marketing campaigns, with Goldman Sachs, CICC, China Securities International, and MACQUARIE as co-sponsors. As a leading enterprise of China’s vaccine industry, AIM Vaccine is the only Chinese vaccine manufacturer with mRNA platform technology and a vaccine in clinical trials and under development using mRNA technology.

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