• Vaccine Titan AIM is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

    Source:Cailian Press

    On October 5th, AIM vaccine closed its global sale of shares. A total of 9.714 million H shares were sold globally, with 10% in Hong Kong and 90% abroad including an additional 15% over-allotment option. The offering price was HKD 16.16 per share, with a minimum subscription of 200 shares per lot. AIM Vaccine received massive subscriptions from investors worldwide.
    At 9pm on October 6th (Hong Kong time), AIM Vaccine's H shares will be traded on HKSE.

  • AIM Vaccine led its COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Phase Ⅲ Clinical Trial with Excellent Efficacy and Safety Results from Phase Ⅱ Study

    Source:Cailian Press

    Several domestic COVID-19 mRNA vaccine candidates had entered the clinical stage in the first half of this year. The company utilized the COVID-19 pipeline to quickly establish an mRNA vaccine development and production platform.
    Recently, AIM Vaccine released Phase Ⅱ clinical trial data of its self-developed COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, LVRNA009, showing good cellular immune responses and safety.
    Notably, this LVRNA009 vaccine also proved effective on Omicron variant according to independent third-party testing results.

  • AIM Meningococcus Polysaccharide Vaccine Obtained Approval for Clinical Trial

    Source:ET Net

    AIM Vacin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIM Vaccine, obtained the approval from the National Medical Products Administration yesterday (December 1) for carrying out clinical trials of ACYW135 Meningococcus Conjugate Vaccine (MCV4).

  • Another Significant Progress in Delta-specific COVID Vaccine Development—Rong’an Bio Begun Rolling Submission to CDE

    Source:Zhitong Caijing

    According to public information, the inactivated Delta-specific COVID vaccine under R&D by Rong’an Bio, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIM Vaccine (which is forging ahead with its plan for listing on the HKEX), has now entered the stage of non-clinical animal evaluation, including animal safety evaluation, immunogenicity evaluation and protective evaluation, and Rong’an Bio has begun rolling submission of application documents to the Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE), NMPA.

  • Why are domestic vaccines so good?—The Story Behind Told by the World’s Largest Hepatitis B Vaccine Manufacturer


    Domestic vaccine is a pillar of the nation.Establishing a pillar of the nation with craftsmanship spirit and establishing a new image of domestic vaccine have become the consensus of increasingly more vaccine manufacturers.

  • Domestic Leading Vaccine Manufacturers Competiting to Upgrade R&D under COVID-19

    Source:Healthcare Executive

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, vaccination has been generally accepted as the most economical and most effective measure for prevention. For domestic vaccine R&D and manufacturing enterprises, this means an all-round competition of R&D and industrialization capabilities—who masters the hardcore technology, scales up R&D achievements quickly and smoothly, wins the race against time to stop the spreading of virus, and becomes the leader of vaccine.

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