AIM Vaccine completed acquisition of Lifanda to accelerate deployment of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine

2021-06-01 Source:AIM Vaccine

On May 31, AIM Vaccine Co., Ltd completed acquisition of Zhuhai Lifanda Biology Co., Ltd, holding 50.1546% of its shares. Lifanda Biology is one of 3 enterprises obtained clinical approval of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

Such acquisition serves as the integration between manufacturing enterprise and R&D company, which has accelerated R&D and production layout of AIM Vaccine for mRNA vaccine as well as industrialization of technologies of Lifanda Biology on mRNA. This has promoted production and marketing of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine in China.

mRNA COVID-19 vaccine as developed by Lifanda Biology obtained Approval Form of Clinical Trial as approved and issued by National Medical Products Administration in March of this year for formal clinical test as scheduled. Since formal input for R&D of mRNA products in 2017, Lifanda Biology has established its own mRNA production and drug delivery technical platform, and has successfully applied numerous patents of invention for drug design, production and delivery of preparations.