Phase II Clinical Data on AIM’s mRNA Impressive and Significantly Effective On Omicron

2022-08-24 Source:

The data from the phase II clinical trial of mRNA (LVRNA009) targeting Covid-19 - independently developed by AIM Vaccine, have been known to the public. The live virus-neutralizing antibodies tested by Wuhan Institute of Virology, CAS, revealed that, the geometric mean titer (GMT) of the live virus-neutralizing antibodies 14 days after full-course vaccination of mRNA, was 994.9 in the adult medium-dose group and 1405.7 in the adult high-dose group. These figures prove mRNA is fairly strong in immunogenicity. mRNA (LVRNA009), one of the earliest vaccines against Covid-19 with clinical trial permission, has got the top spot in advancing its clinical progress. It is significantly better than its counterparts in clinical effects.   

Meanwhile, a sound cellular immunity of mRNA (LVRNA009) was recorded in the phase II clinical trial. The data announced by Bi Jinpeng, Head of Central Laboratory of Vazyme Biotech Co., Ltd. suggests marked increase in IL-2, IL-4, IL-13 and IFN-γ cytokines at varied doses on day 7 after full-course of vaccination of mRNA, which plays out excellent cellular immune response.   

On the basis of the phase II clinical trial of mRNA (LVRNA009), overall, adverse reactions associated with mRNA are primarily graded 1, without serious adverse events (SAE) or adverse events of special attention, and low safety risk. GMT of euvirus-neutralizing antibodies in the trail group came at or above 1000 on day 14 after the second vaccination, and still remained at high level in spite of slight decline on day 28. As described by Dr. Peng Yucai, chief scientist of AIM Vaccine, and general manager of LIVERNA, such desirable clinical results represent validation of mRNA technology platform built by AIM and LIVERNA, and imply the technical roadmap of mRNA both feasible and advantageous.      

Most of the vaccines available at present worldwide see notable decrease in protecting people from Omicron. As such, experts are calling for the third or even the fourth vaccination as boost dose. Of note, the independent third-party tests indicate mRNA (LVRNA009) could fend off Omicron variants to a great extent.       

Xu Jianqing, distinguished professor of Institutes of Biomedical Sciences Fudan University showed that as a booster shot, mRNA is fairly advantageous in duration of antibody and ability of guarding against variants. In his opinion, fast pace of development, reliable safety, high immunogenicity and concurrent activation of antibody and T cells could allow mRNA to go even further.

AIM Vaccine is devoting itself to specifically developing mRNA against Omicron variants to address the challenge posed by variants to COVID-19 prevention and control.