AIM Vaccine Joins Hands with Fortune Global 500 Enterprises to Create the Global Industrial Highland for “Intelligent Manufacturing of New Medicine” in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area

2023-02-15 Source:Aimbio
On the morning of February 14, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area held the Global Partner Conference on “Intelligent Manufacturing of New Medicine” and declared that it would accelerate the construction of a global industrial highland for “intelligent manufacturing of new medicine”, focus on innovations and breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies, reshape the ecology of medicine and health industry, promote the deep integration of life science and intelligence, boost the medical and health system reform, and implement the “Healthy E-Town” Project. Huang Guo, Member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of National Medical Products Administration, Jiang Guangzhi, Deputy Secretary-General of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, and Yang Xiuling, Secretary of the Working Committee of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area attended the conference; Kong Lei, Director of the Management Committee presided over the conference; more than 300 people participated in the conference, including heads at different levels of committees, offices and bureaus of Beijing Municipality, Shen Yonggang and Liu Li, Deputy Directors of the Management Committee of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, as well as entrepreneur representatives, experts from medical institutions, investment organizations and different sectors. AIM Vaccine, together with a group of Fortune Global 500 enterprises such as Bayer, Sanofi, GE Healthcare, and Varian, as well as domestic leading bio-medical enterprises, attended the signing ceremony at the conference.

Targeted at the world-class industrial highland for “intelligent manufacturing of new medicine”, how will Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area accelerate the pace of development? Relevant heads of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area stated that, “‘new’ means innovation, reform and power. We should focus on new technologies, new directions, and new talents in the industry, and drive industrial transformation and updating with innovative technologies and ecology. ‘Medicine’ refers to drugs and medical equipment, which serve as the foundation of development. We should establish a full-life-cycle service assurance system for early-stage R&D, clinical research, production, and market application of products. ‘Intelligent’ means wisdom and intelligence, which represents the development trend in the future. We should support the integrated development of digital intelligence and industry, and seize the new highland for future technology. ‘Manufacturing’ reflects creation, attainments and brand, and represents the spirit of continuous improvement. We should create ‘E-Town Medicine’ with higher quality level and strive to build a world-class industrial highland.”

At the conference, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area published the Action Plan for Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area to Accelerate the Construction of Global Industrial Highland for “Intelligent Manufacturing of New Medicine” (2023-2025) (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan) and relevant supporting industry policies.

According to the latest Action Plan, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area strives to achieve the following goals by 2025: the market share of biomedicine and health industry will exceed RMB 200 billion, there will be more than 120 enterprises above designated size and more than 30 listed companies, innovative breakthroughs will be made in cutting-edge segments such as cell and gene therapy and intelligent manufacturing of high-end medical equipment, more than 100 types of drugs, Class-II and Class-III medical apparatus will be applied for marketing, and a global industrial highland for “intelligent manufacturing of new medicine” will be established.

Based on this blueprint for high-end intelligent manufacturing, AIM is accelerating its pace with full confidence. AIM Vaccine shoulders the responsibility of “producing vaccine with conscience and bringing benefit to all the people”. It is the second largest whole-industry-chain vaccine group in China and the largest one among private enterprises, a leading Chinese enterprise in the segment of mRNA vaccine, as well as an enterprise engaged in key industries in the cutting-edge field of international scientific and technological development supported by the Chinese government. At present, it has 8 types of commercialized vaccines and 22 types of vaccines under development covering 13 disease areas. It is expected that AIM will launch 30 types of vaccine products in the next five years. From now on, AIM will continuously invest in the research and development of key products, make an overall planning for building a large production capacity and all-round business capabilities, accelerate enterprise development, and play an important role in the construction of a global industrial highland for “intelligent manufacturing of new medicine” in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area.