Expanded Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect Stocks and the Notice Will Take Effect from Next Monday

2023-03-06 Source:Aimbio
In the Notice on the First Adjustment of Hong Kong Stock Connect Targets after the Expansion of Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect Targets recently released by Shanghai Stock Exchange, AIM VACCINE (06660.HK) was incorporated into the first group of newly expanded Hong Kong Connect stocks under Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect Business. The Notice will take effect from March 13, 2023 (next Monday). This means that from next Monday, inland investors can purchase corporate stocks freely through Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect Business and make liquidation and settlement in RMB.

AIM Vaccine was officially listed on HKEX in October 2022. It saw a late surge with 3.09% on the first day, and the growth rate continued to expand on the next day and was over 50% for a time. It is worth mentioning that AIM Vaccine was the only one among 13 medical enterprises which achieved positive returns in IPO on the first day with growth rate on top in 2022. Compared with the overall stagnant market, the stock price of AIM Vaccine showed a stable and upturning trend since it was listed on the stock market.

Shortly before, Hang Seng Index declared that AIM Vaccine was incorporated into the constituent stock of Hang Seng Composite Index, and such change will take effect from March 13, 2023. Hang Seng Composite Index conducts a review every half year to examine the target company in the aspects of stock liquidity and market value. AIM Vaccine was incorporated into Hang Seng Composite Index, indicating that AIM Vaccine has received sufficient attention from investors.

Recently, AIM has made great achievements in key innovative vaccines under development. Especially, two types of mRNA vaccines developed by AIM based on the mRNA technology platform have been approved for clinical test in Pakistan. Among them, the mRNA vaccine for variant strain was approved for Phase-I clinical test and another vaccine was approved for Phase-III clinical test for sequential booster shot.