The first in China! Aimei Vaccine's human rabies mRNA vaccine clinical application has been accepted

2023-06-13 Source:Aimbio
Aimei Vaccine's application for clinical trials of the human rabies mRNA vaccine has recently been accepted by the Chinese drug regulatory authority (CDE). This marks the first domestically declared clinical application for a rabies mRNA vaccine.

Compared to traditional human rabies vaccines, mRNA rabies vaccines boast higher immunogenicity, a simpler dosing regimen, easier production scalability, and higher batch-to-batch consistency.

According to a research paper published in the "Virology Journal," animal experimental data shows that Aimei Vaccine's investigational mRNA rabies vaccine can provide immunity against rabies virus after two doses, effectively inducing antibody production and stimulating cell-mediated immune responses. The highest level of immune protection was observed in mice after a 14-day interval between doses. Additionally, the vaccine has shown promise in preventing and treating rabies virus, as vaccinated beagles have demonstrated protective antibody levels and a 100% survival rate three months after infection.

Aimei Vaccine possesses an independent mRNA production and drug delivery technology platform, having applied for multiple invention patents in drug design, production, and formulation delivery. It is also one of the first domestic companies to receive clinical approval for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. 

Rabies is one of the most lethal acute infectious diseases to humans, with nearly 100% mortality once symptoms appear. In recent years, the number of reported deaths from rabies has remained at the forefront of legally reported infectious diseases in China. Currently, there are no effective treatments for rabies, making timely vaccination critical for preventing the disease after exposure.