AIM Vaccine: Bivalent Delta+Omicron BA.5 COVID-19 mRNA vaccine has been approved for Phase III clinical trial in Pakistan

2023-03-14 Source:Cailian Press
According to the news from on the 14th, AIM Vaccine announced that its upgrade product, bivalent Delta+Omicron BA.5 COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, has been officially approved for Phase III clinical trial in Pakistan. Previously, two clinical trials in China showed good safety results and virus neutralization assay demonstrated high levels of neutralizing antibodies against Delta, Omicron BA.5, BQ.1 and XBB variants induced by the vaccine. It is also reported that the company's mRNA plant in Ningbo, Zhejiang has completed equipment set-up and validation and clinical batch production. The plant is ready for mass production once the product obtains approval.