• AIM MCV4 vaccine clinical application has been accepted for CDE approval, coming into the frontiers


    Clinical test application for ACW135 meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine (MCV4) as independently developed by AIM Vaccine has been accepted by Center for Drug Evaluation, NMPA for approval. This indicates the initiation of formal approval of MCV4 for clinical tests.

    Presently, there are only three foreign enterprises engaged in production of MCV4 worldwide, and no product has been approved for listing in China. AIM Vaccine comes into the frontier in China in terms of R&D of such key product.

  • 13v combined pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine of AIM Vaccine has obtained phase-3 clinical ethical approval


    13v combined pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PCV13) recognized as “King of Vaccines” worldwide accepted an important member in domestic front line prior to outbreak of COVID-19 epidemics. PCV13 as independently developed by AIM Vaccine Co., Ltd obtained phase-3 clinical ethical approval from Clinical Test Ethics Committee of Yunnan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention on October 14. This indicates that such vaccine has entered the stage of phase-3 clinical test.

  • Phase-1 clinical test for mRNA COVID-19 vaccine of AIM Vaccine is in smooth progress, manifesting a high safety and tolerance


    By September 9, AIM Vaccine had completed low-dosage and medium-dosage recruitment of adult patients for mRNA COVID-19 vaccine at phase-1 clinical laboratory of Shulan (Hangzhou) Hospital. According to results of preliminary test, the vaccine has manifested a high safety and tolerance after inoculation.

  • AIM Vaccine enlisted for important contracted project for “Two-zone” construction in Beijing with introduced investments


    On the morning of September 3, Zhou Ting, Board Chairman and CEO of AIM Vaccine Co., Ltd attended “One-day for Beijing” and anniversary celebration of “Two-zone” construction at 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services under invitation, and participated in the signing ceremony for “Two-zone” project. PRC head office and phase-1 project innovative vaccine industrialization base of AIM Vaccine have been listed as important contracted projects for “two-zone” construction in Beijing with introduced investments through strict screening. It is one of 37 key projects completed contract conclusion with Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area t the site on the current day.

  • AIM COVID-19 vaccine achieved critical progress in industrialization


    Ningbo Rong’an Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, the wholly owned subsidiary of AIM Vaccine has recently obtained Approval Form of Clinical Trial as approved and issued by National Medical Products Administration.

  • AIM Vaccine completed acquisition of Lifanda to accelerate deployment of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine


    On May 31, AIM Vaccine Co., Ltd completed acquisition of Zhuhai Lifanda Biology Co., Ltd, holding 50.1546% of its shares. Lifanda Biology is one of 3 enterprises obtained clinical approval of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

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