AIM Vaccine enlisted for important contracted project for “Two-zone” construction in Beijing with introduced investments

2021-09-04 Source:AIM Vaccine

On the morning of September 3, Zhou Ting, Board Chairman and CEO of AIM Vaccine Co., Ltd attended “One-day for Beijing” and anniversary celebration of “Two-zone” construction at 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services under invitation, and participated in the signing ceremony for “Two-zone” project. PRC head office and phase-1 project innovative vaccine industrialization base of AIM Vaccine have been listed as important contracted projects for “two-zone” construction in Beijing with introduced investments through strict screening. It is one of 37 key projects completed contract conclusion with Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area t the site on the current day.

This year marks inauguration of the 14th Five-Year Plan. Beijing is making efforts to promote the construction of “two zones”, namely National Integrated Demonstration Zone for Greater Openness in the Service Sector and a the Pilot Free Trade Zone at a higher level. This gives priority to scientific innovation, openness in service sector and cyber economic features in an attempt to construct a high-level platform for BTH Coordinated Development, and promote formation of a new pattern of reform and opening-up at a higher level. “Two-zone” construction serves as a rare opportunity and major responsibility endowed by the Party Central Committee. In the past year, “Two-zone” construction was incorporated into one of “five divisions” for Beijing to accommodate with new pattern of development, resulting in numerous practical cases for promotion nation wide. Furthermore, some new policies have been implemented in together with some landmark projects, which have accomplished periodical achievements.

AIM Vaccine feels high excitement and great mission and responsibility for being enlisted for important contracted projects for “two-zone” construction in Beijing with introduced investments. AIM Vaccine will profoundly study the spirit of important address as made by Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China at Global Trade in Services Summit of China International Fair for Trade in Services to take a lead in innovation, and consciously participated in construction of new high land for further opening-up of the capital. We will further improve scientific innovation level under the leadership and support of Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Government to engage in vaccine R&D, and take production of innovative vaccine products as our own responsibility. We will manage to become an important link of “sophisticated industrial development blue map” of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, and make use of high technologies to support “two-zone” construction, and make our contributions to construction of Beijing into a scientific innovation center with global impact.