Phase-1 clinical test for mRNA COVID-19 vaccine of AIM Vaccine is in smooth progress, manifesting a high safety and tolerance

2021-09-11 Source:AIM Vaccine

By September 9, AIM Vaccine had completed low-dosage and medium-dosage recruitment of adult patients for mRNA COVID-19 vaccine at phase-1 clinical laboratory of Shulan (Hangzhou) Hospital. According to results of preliminary test, the vaccine has manifested a high safety and tolerance after inoculation.

In addition to aforesaid mRNA OCVID-19 vaccine, AIM inactivated COVID-19 vaccine is also making a smooth progress during phase-1 clinical test, which has completed recruitment of all testees (low, medium and high dosage groups) and low-dosage old testees. By September 9, such vaccine had manifested a high safety and tolerance after inoculation according to results of preliminary test.

AIM Vaccine is a comprehensive vaccine corporation with its own mRNA technical platform, of which products have entered the stage of clinical test. Its COVID-19 vaccine product combinations under development are in 4 technical routes, including mRNA COVID-19 vaccine under development based on 2nd generation of technologies, inactivated COVID-19 vaccine under development, recombinant protein COVID-19 vaccine under development as well as broad-spectrum COVID-19 vaccine under development based on adenovirus vectors.

AIM Vaccine is making efforts to accelerate R&D and production of COVID-19 vaccine products. Recently, the company has established its bio-safety protection Level 3 (P3) workshop of inactivated COVID-19 vaccine at Ningbo Free Trade Zone with anticipated annual output up to 500 million dosages. Furthermore, a national advanced bio-safety laboratory (P3) is also under accelerated construction at the same plant. In the future, AIM Vaccine will further enhance intimate cooperation with all parties to provide COVID-19 vaccine products of higher safety and efficiency against COVID-19 epidemics.