Aimei Vaccines Assists in the Successful Holding of the 2023 Northeast Three Provinces Vaccine Preventable Disease Prevention and Control Experience Exchange Meeting

2023-04-04 Source:Aimbio
The 2023 Northeast Three Provinces Vaccine Preventable Disease Prevention and Control Experience Exchange Meeting, organized by the Liaoning Provincial Society of Preventive Medicine, co-organized by Aimei Vaccines Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Watson Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and hosted by Dalian Jiuyi Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., was successfully held in Dalian. The meeting focused on the exchange of experiences in the prevention and control of diseases such as hepatitis B, rabies, and cervical cancer. Aimei Vaccines' hepatitis B vaccine produced by Aimei Chengxin and Ningbo Rong'an, as well as the human rabies vaccine, received full recognition from the attending experts.

In the exchange of experience in hepatitis B prevention and control, the participating experts believed that the hepatitis B vaccine is an effective means to prevent hepatitis B virus infection. Despite full immunization with the hepatitis B vaccine throughout one's life, vigilance should not be relaxed. Timely screening and strengthening of hepatitis B vaccination are necessary.

Researcher Zhang Wei from the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention comprehensively reviewed the progress of China's work in hepatitis B prevention and control. He believes that hepatitis B virus infection is one of the biggest predisposing factors for liver cancer, and vaccination can effectively prevent hepatitis B virus infection. Based on evidence-based medicine, Researcher Zhang Wei pointed out that even after complete vaccination with the hepatitis B vaccine, over time, 20%-29% of the vaccinated population lose their immune memory. Therefore, timely screening and reinforcement of hepatitis B vaccination are essential. Researcher Zhang Wei also introduced that the 2022 edition of the chronic hepatitis B guidelines recommend the administration of a 10μg yeast-based hepatitis B vaccine to newborns and advocate for increased screening for hepatitis B among the public.
Regarding the prevention and control of rabies, the attending experts conducted in-depth analyses on the importance of timely vaccination with the human rabies vaccine based on cases. Director Guo Zhitao of the Emergency Department of Xiqing Hospital in Tianjin delivered a thematic report covering the epidemiology of rabies, wound treatment, and the development history of the rabies vaccine. From the perspective of a clinical doctor and through daily work cases, he provided valuable insights into the standardized treatment of wounds, vividly illustrating the necessity of handling dog bites.

Guo Zhitao systematically introduced the current clinical application of the rabies vaccine and fully recognized the human rabies vaccine produced by Ningbo Rong'an, a subsidiary of Aimei Vaccines. He believed that Rong'an's quality system is sound, and the rabies vaccine has maintained a 100% approval rate from the China National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) since its launch. This strong product quality was evident. Drawing from his own experience, he summarized the high safety characteristics of Rong'an's rabies vaccine.

After the academic presentations, all participants visited Aimei Chengxin, a subsidiary of Aimei Vaccines, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the production process of Aimei Chengxin's recombinant hepatitis B vaccine (Yeast Hudson). They praised the technical characteristics, production details, and quality control of the vaccine.

The unique advantages of the Hudson yeast system can obtain VLP particles with higher purity. At the same time, the patented in situ adsorption technology can prolong the immune stimulation of the vaccine in the human body. The combination of these two advantages greatly enhances the seroconversion rate and antibody titer after the administration of Aimei Chengxin's hepatitis B vaccine. When experiencing Aimei Chengxin's modern fully automated production equipment, stringent quality management, and stable production personnel firsthand, ensuring the quality of each recombinant hepatitis B vaccine (Yeast Hudson), everyone expressed that Aimei Chengxin's hepatitis B vaccine is truly a benchmark in the industry.

The distinguished guests who attended this experience exchange meeting included: Yan Dawei, President of the Liaoning Provincial Society of Preventive Medicine; Yang Zuosen, Director of the Liaoning Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Fang Xing, Director of the Immunization Planning Institute at the Liaoning Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Cheng Tao, Director of the Immunization Planning Institute at the Jilin Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Gao Shirui, Deputy Director of the Immunization Planning Institute at the Heilongjiang Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Jia Shaojun, Board Director and CEO of Aimei Vaccines Co., Ltd.; Ran Lingfeng, General Manager of Aimei Chengxin Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Yao Wei, National Sales Director of Watson Biotech; Yao Yongfu, General Manager of Dalian Jiuyi Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. In addition, there were more than 500 key officials from disease control centers at the provincial, municipal, and county levels from the three northeastern provinces who participated in the meeting. This meeting was the largest academic exchange conference within the disease control systems of the three northeastern provinces in nearly three years.