Using the Craftsmanship Spirit to Forge the World's Number One Hepatitis B Vaccine Brand—Aimei Chengxin's General Manager, Ran Lingfeng, Awarded the Liaoning Province May 1st Labor Medal

2023-04-30 Source:Aimbio
From undertaking the national 863 major scientific and technological projects to research and produce the first batch of recombinant hepatitis B vaccines (Yeast Hudson), to supplying nearly 500 million doses of hepatitis B vaccine to the country, helping reduce the carrier rate of pediatric hepatitis B of children from 7.18% to 0.32%, realizing the elimination of hepatitis B in the country. From its establishment to becoming the world's largest manufacturer of hepatitis B vaccine, creating the Hudson Ruian® brand, surpassing imported products in the quality of hepatitis B vaccines, and achieving a substantial increase in consecutive enterprise profits since 2014.

Over the past decade, Ran Lingfeng, the General Manager of Aimei Chengxin under Aimei Vaccines, has led the team forward through wind and rain, step by step, using sweat and hard work, labor and wisdom, composing a miracle of vigorous development for Chinese vaccine companies and creating a historical period of domestic vaccine branding, allowing the craftsmanship spirit to shine brightly on the road of China's vaccine industry growth.

As International Labor Day approaches, Ran Lingfeng was awarded the 2023 Liaoning Province May 1st Labor Medal. While she deserved the honor, she believed it belonged to the collective. When fresh flowers and applause were dedicated to the most admirable workers, Ran Lingfeng said she deeply felt the honor and duty on her shoulders and would continue to carry forward the model worker spirit, forging the team's craftsmanship spirit to compose a new chapter for the innovative development of domestic vaccines!

Just as described by Aimei Vaccines' corporate spirit—creating ethical vaccines for the health of all people—this is the shared belief and voice of all Aimei employees who strive for the vigorous development of domestic innovative vaccines, laboring diligently together.