The Aimei Hepatitis B vaccine ignited the Spark Project, accelerating the first pilot project to "eliminate the harm of viral hepatitis" in Guangdong.

2023-05-17 Source:Aimbio
On the morning of May 16th, the first pilot project in Guangdong, in which Aimei Vaccine participated, officially launched the Spark Project to eliminate the harm of viral hepatitis in Jun'an Town, Shunde District, Foshan City. The launch ceremony was held at the Zhipu Sports and Cultural Center in Hefeng Community, Jun'an Town. Aimei Vaccine donated 40,000 doses of hepatitis B vaccine for the free initial vaccination of the target population involved in the project. This project has attracted enthusiastic participation from local residents and has been referred to as a heartwarming and people-oriented project.

The Jun'an Town Spark Project to eliminate the harm of viral hepatitis is the second in the country and the first in Guangdong to pilot the elimination of the threat of viral hepatitis and comprehensive management of liver diseases. It is specifically implemented by the Jun'an Town government and the Jun'an Town Health Community. Aimei Vaccine, as the world's largest producer of hepatitis B vaccines, actively participated in and supported the project's advancement.

Through the implementation of this project, local residents can receive free testing for hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis B surface antibody, and hepatitis C antibody, as well as free initial vaccination of the hepatitis B vaccine and comprehensive management of hepatitis. The goal is to achieve by the end of 2023 a screening rate of over 90% and a standardized treatment rate of over 80% for the entire population of Jun'an Town for hepatitis B and hepatitis C, with an aim to reduce the new infection rate of hepatitis B and hepatitis C in the entire town by 90% within three years.

Jia Shaojun, Executive Director, CEO, and Chief Operating Officer of Aimei Vaccine Co., Ltd., introduced that the hepatitis B vaccine produced by the company accounts for nearly 80% of the first doses given to newborns nationwide. The company has an undeniable social responsibility to eliminate the threat of hepatitis B and implement the Healthy China strategy.

Jia Shaojun stated that in the future, Aimei will fully support the implementation and deepening of the Spark Project and work closely with local governments to strive for a widespread impact, providing a new model of "large-scale population census and universal treatment of patients" and good experiences that can be used for reference and promotion nationwide. They also aim to use high-quality hepatitis B vaccines to contribute to controlling the spread of the hepatitis B virus, achieving the World Health Organization's goal of eliminating viral hepatitis by 2030, the Healthy China 2030 plan, and the long-term goals by 2035.