Conference on Adult Hepatitis B Screening and Immunization Strategy Expert Seminar Participated by Aimei Vaccine in China

2023-09-09 Source:Aimbio
The Chinese Preventive Medicine Association recently held the Conference on Adult Hepatitis B Screening and Immunization Strategy in Beijing. Aimei Vaccine, as China's largest hepatitis B vaccine manufacturer, attended the meeting as a collaborator and participated in the "Expert Consensus on Immunization Strategy for Adult Hepatitis B Vaccination in China" project.

The conference was chaired by Academician Zhuang Hui and Professor Gao Zhiliang. Feng Zijian, Vice President and Secretary-General of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, delivered a speech at the meeting. Deputy Director Yan Jun from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention was invited to attend and spoke. More than 50 well-known experts from China's disease control system and medical institutions were invited to participate in this seminar.

As one of the collaborators, Aimei Vaccine participated in the official launch of the project "Expert Consensus on Immunization Strategy for Adult Hepatitis B Vaccination in China." Experts at the meeting discussed the outline and content of the two "consensuses" in combination with the current situation and control goals of hepatitis B in China, providing many constructive suggestions.

Under the leadership of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, Aimei Vaccine is willing to work together with industry experts and colleagues to make active efforts to develop an expert consensus with academic value, guiding significance, and in line with the needs of hepatitis B prevention and control in China, aiming to further reduce the health threat of hepatitis B and achieve the goal of controlling viral hepatitis by 2030 proposed by the WHO, active efforts have been made.