Aimei Vaccine (06660) Achieves Good Results in Phase III Clinical Trial of Rabies Vaccine without Serum

2023-09-20 Source:Aimbio
Aimei Vaccine (06660) announced that its freeze-dried human rabies vaccine (serum-free Vero cell) has completed the full-course vaccination safety observation seven days after the first dose in the phase III clinical trial on September 18th, indicating good safety from the first dose to seven days after the entire course. As a product iteration upgrade, there is currently no serum-free rabies vaccine approved for marketing in the market.

On August 3rd, the vaccine initiated the first stage of the inoculation for 30 adults aged 18-60 at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. Following the satisfactory safety assessment of the initial 30 participants within 7 days after vaccination, the vaccination of 30 minors aged 10-17 commenced on August 10th.

Regarding industrialization, the workshop for Aimei's serum-free rabies vaccine, with a designed capacity of 50 million doses, has been completed. Once the vaccine is launched, it is expected to fill the domestic market gap, thus contributing to the elimination of rabies in China and even globally.

It is reported that rabies virus is a type of RNA virus which spreads among mammals such as dogs and cats, exhibiting strong virulence. Infection with this virus can cause rabies, an acute infectious disease shared between humans and animals, characterized clinically by unique symptoms such as hydrophobia, aerophobia, spasms of throat muscles, and progressive paralysis. Once symptoms appear, the mortality rate approaches 100%. Currently, there is a lack of effective treatment for rabies; therefore, prevention after exposure is crucial, mainly through vaccination against rabies and administration of passive immunization preparations. The serum-free rabies vaccine under research is prepared by culturing the rabies virus strain fixed on serum-free Vero cells, featuring the absence of serum components to effectively reduce allergic reactions and fever during product use.