Aimei Vaccine (06660) Initiates A-share Listing Plan, Leading Vaccine Company Embarks on A+H Strategic Layout

2023-10-09 Source:Aimbio
Aimei Vaccine (06660) announced its decision to initiate the plan for the first public offering of RMB ordinary shares and listing (A-share listing) to promote business development, enhance comprehensive competitiveness, and ensure the realization of the company's operational goals and future development strategies. The board of directors has approved the related work for the A-share listing.

The board agreed to engage China International Capital Corporation Limited as the pre-listing counseling institution and plans to submit the filing application for pre-listing counseling for A shares.

According to relevant data, for the same pharmaceutical company, A-share listing can obtain an average valuation premium 2.5 times higher compared to an H-share listing. For example, the premium for CanSino Biologics, another vaccine enterprise, reaches as high as 3.1 times. The strategic layout of "A+H" shares not only benefits the enhancement of the company's Hong Kong stock valuation and secondary market activity but also accelerates the brand value and business development.

In addition, the company announced that the phase III clinical trial of the 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine had completed the full-course vaccination of subjects. The workshop with a capacity of 15 million doses for this vaccine has been built. Similarly, a workshop with a capacity of 30 million doses for the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine has also been established. The market size of just the pneumococcal vaccine alone exceeds 50 billion yuan.