Zhejiang Food and Drug Inspection Research Institute Investigated Aimei Vaccine and Highly Praises the Company's Development Speed

2023-10-11 Source:Aimbio
On October 8th, vice president Chen Bilian, Tao Qiaofeng, director of the Biological Products Institute, Zhou Minghao, key personnel He Kailun, and Shao Jiamei from the Zhejiang Food and Drug Inspection Research Institute visited Aimei Vaccine's subsidiaries Aimei Rong'an and Aimei Weixin for investigation, research, and guidance. Zhu Nan, general manager of Aimei Weixin, and Hu Dedong, deputy general manager of Aimei Rong'an, led the team to welcome the experts from the Zhejiang Provincial Drug Inspection Institute, expressing sincere gratitude on behalf of the group's senior management.

Zhu Nan, general manager of Aimei Weixin, and Hu Dedong, deputy general manager of Aimei Rong'an, successively presented detailed reports on the company's operation, project research and development, and enterprise planning. Both sides engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges regarding quality research, product application for market approval, and other areas. They conducted on-site inspections of several vaccine raw liquid workshops including those for pneumonia, meningitis, and HIB, as well as packaging workshops, focusing on the inspection workflow of QC laboratory and laboratory quality management.

Deputy Director Chen Bilian expressed appreciation for the company's rapid development in recent years. She stated that the purpose of this visit is to provide targeted services to listen to the company's demands, resolve difficulties and obstacles faced by the company during its development process on the spot in the form of face-to-face service, and offer follow-up support. She hopes to assist the company in alleviating its challenges and safeguarding drug safety.

Both General Manager Zhu and Deputy General Manager Hu stated that with the guidance and support of the Provincial Drug Inspection Institute, the company will continue to develop at a high quality. On August 23, 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced China's passing of the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) evaluation for vaccines, marking the third time following 2011 and 2014. This signifies that China possesses a stable, well-functioning, and unified regulatory system ensuring that the quality of vaccines produced, imported or circulated in China is controllable, safe and effective, serving as an important foundation for China's global vaccine exports. In June this year, the National Medical Products Administration studied and promoted joining PIC/S. Aimei will not forget its mission, persist in innovation, and strictly execute relevant work according to national and international gold standards.