MSCI Index Adjustment Takes Effect, Aimei Vaccine Joins MSCI Global Small Cap Index, Attracting More Diverse Investors

2023-12-01 Source:Aimbio
In line with the November quarterly index review announced by MSCI, Aimei Vaccine (06660) was selected as a component stock of the MSCI Global Small Cap Index, with the adjustment taking effect after the market close on November 30.

Industry insiders believe that Aimei Vaccine's inclusion in the MSCI Global Small Cap Index not only reflects the company's outstanding performance in the vaccine field but is also expected to bring more investment opportunities and recognition. While further enhancing the company's popularity, it also laid a solid foundation for the future international expansion of Aimei vaccine.

In its morning announcement on December 1, Aimei Vaccine stated that its inclusion in the MSCI Global Small Cap Index fully reflects the high recognition of the company's development prospects in the international capital market. This move is expected to further expand the company's visibility in the international capital market and attract a more diverse group of investors, thereby increasing the liquidity of the company's shares.

As a leading enterprise in the Chinese vaccine industry, Aimei Vaccine has long held an important position in the market. According to brokerage research data based on the 2021 issued batch volume and sales revenue, Aimei Vaccine is the largest domestic hepatitis B vaccine manufacturer and the second-largest manufacturer of human rabies vaccines for adults.

With regard to its product pipeline, Aimei Vaccine's research covers the top ten best-selling vaccines globally. Among these, the PCV13 pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, PPSV23 pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine, and serum-free Vero cell rabies vaccine are nearing commercialization and are expected to be launched in the short term.

UBS recently pointed out that it continues to have a positive outlook on the Chinese stock market, forecasting a 15% upside potential for the MSCI China Index next year. The positive outlook is primarily due to low valuations, light investor positions, accelerated policy implementation, and improved corporate profit trends within the Chinese stock market.