Strategic Collaboration Initiated between Aimei Vaccine and China Foundation for Viral Hepatitis, Jointly Promoting the Elimination of Hepatitis Threats

2023-12-08 Source:Aimbio
Aimei Vaccine took a significant and important step toward "responding to the WHO's action to eliminate the threat of viral hepatitis by 2030." On December 6, Aimei Vaccine formally entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Foundation for Viral Hepatitis (hereinafter referred to as "the Foundation") to jointly promote the elimination of hepatitis threats in China.

The Chairman of the Foundation, Wang Yu, Vice Chairman Cui Gang, Secretary-General Li Zengde, Aimei Vaccine's Founder, Chairman of the Board, and CEO Zhou Yan, Director and Executive Director Jia Shaojun, Vice President and Chief Public Affairs Officer Zhou Wenjuan, among others, attended the signing ceremony.

Currently, there are approximately 75 million carriers of the hepatitis B virus in China. In order to actively address the severe challenges faced in hepatitis prevention and control, the two parties will persist in promoting prevention as a priority and strive to push the frontiers of intervention. Strengthen public welfare propaganda through various forms and channels, popularize scientific knowledge of hepatitis prevention and treatment to the public, and improve public awareness. Encourage adult hepatitis markers to undergo comprehensive testing, and provide vaccination services for key populations. Furthermore, they will support scientific research related to actions for eliminating hepatitis threats and academic exchange activities.

Chairman Wang Yu noted that under the guidance of government departments, the Foundation is actively promoting pilot projects for eliminating hepatitis threats in areas with conditions and advancing the implementation of comprehensive intervention strategies, including strengthening hepatitis B vaccination for newborns, providing hepatitis B vaccination for adolescents and adults without immunity, expanding antiviral therapy, and monitoring early liver cancer and other measures. He hopes that Aimei Vaccine Group will play a more significant role in hepatitis B prevention and control, reflecting the company's social responsibility and commitment.

Founder and CEO of Aimei Vaccine, Zhou Yan, stated that in the future, the two parties will engage in comprehensive, in-depth strategic cooperation to continuously provide more professional hepatitis prevention and control services to society. Aimei Vaccine Group adheres to positive core values and endeavors to dispel the darkness in the lives of hepatitis patients, demonstrating compassion for both medical professionals and vaccine recipients. Every member of the vaccine community should fulfill their mission for the times and strive for a future without hepatitis.

For many years, as the world and China’s largest producer of hepatitis B vaccines, Aimei Vaccine has consistently advanced the prevention and elimination of hepatitis threats as its own responsibility. The Hansen's yeast hepatitis B vaccine produced by Aimei has been used by over 400 million people and has provided immunization for nearly 80% of newborns in China, making a significant contribution to China's hepatitis B prevention and control efforts. The strategic collaboration with the Foundation is a demonstration of Aimei's commitment to the corporate values of "manufacturing ethical vaccines" and "ensuring the health of all." The strategic cooperation between both parties is a new starting point, which will further leverage the combined strength to work tirelessly together to achieve the great goal of eradicating viral hepatitis and safeguarding public health.